How To Enable Always On Display In Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

"Welcome back to Techsore! Today, I'll guide you through enabling the Always On Display feature on your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Let's dive in:

1. Open the Settings application on your device. You can do this by swiping up from the home screen and tapping on Settings.

2. Once in Settings, scroll down until you find the 'Lock Screen' option and tap on it.

3. Look for the 'Always On Display' option. When you find it, toggle the switch to turn it on.

4. You'll notice there are more settings you can explore within the Always On Display feature. For instance, you can choose to 'Tap the screen to show' for a duration of 10 seconds or opt to 'Always show' if you prefer your screen to remain on continuously. Additionally, you can set a schedule for when you want the Always On Display to activate.

5. There are other options you might want to consider, such as displaying music information or allowing face widgets.

6. Once you've customized your preferences, you're all set! Your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra will now display a clock and notifications even when the phone is not in use.

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