How To Add Face, Pin, Finger, Swipe Lock On Google Pixel Android Mobiles

"Hello friends, in this video, I will show you how to add face lock, finger lock, or pin lock to your Google Pixel phone. 

To do this, first, swipe up on home screen and find the settings application. Then, tap on 'Settings' and scroll down to tap on 'Security'.

Here, you will find two options: 'Screen Lock' and 'Face Unlock'. Tap on 'Screen Lock' and you will see five options: 'None', 'Swipe', 'PIN', 'Password', and 'Pattern'. Choose the option you prefer. If you select 'PIN' or 'Password', set a four or six-digit PIN or password. Then, add the screen lock.

That's it! You have successfully added a lock to your Google Pixel device. Thank you for watching. If this video was helpful, please like, share, and subscribe to Techsore 2."

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