How to Enable & Disable Cookies on Samsung Internet - 2023

  Cookies on Samsung Internet are small pieces of data that websites store on a user's device to remember information and preferences, enhancing the browsing experience. These text files contain details like login credentials, site settings, and user interactions, allowing websites to offer personalized content, streamline navigation, and maintain a user's session across different pages. While cookies serve various functional purposes, they also raise privacy concerns, as they can potentially track user behavior. Therefore, users can manage and control cookie settings in the browser's options to balance convenience with privacy preferences.

Step 1: Open Settings  

"To begin, swipe up on your Samsung phone's home screen to access the app drawer. Find and tap on the 'Settings' app."

Step 2: Access App Settings  

"Within the Settings menu, scroll down until you see 'Apps' located just below 'Battery and Device Care.' Tap on 'Apps' to proceed."

Step 3: Locate Samsung App Settings  

"In the list of apps, scroll through until you find 'Samsung App Settings' at the top. Tap on it."

Step 4: Select Samsung Internet  

"Inside the Samsung App Settings, scroll through until you locate 'Samsung Internet.' Tap on it to access the browser's settings."

Step 5: Access Site Permissions  

"Within the Samsung Internet settings, scroll down to find 'Sites and Downloads.' Tap on it to proceed."

Step 6: Navigate to Cookies Settings  

"Under 'Sites and Downloads,' you will see 'Site Permissions.' Tap on it to access site-specific settings."

Step 7: Configure Cookies Settings  

"Among the site permissions, you will see 'Cookies' listed. Tap on 'Cookies' to configure your browser's cookie settings."

Step 8: Disable Cookies  

"To disable cookies, you have options. You can either 'Block All Third-Party Cookies' or 'Block All Cookies.' Choose the option that suits your preference by tapping on it."

Step 9: Enable Cookies  

"If you want to enable cookies, select 'Allow All Cookies.' This will ensure that cookies are allowed while you browse."

Step 10: Exit Settings  

"Once you have selected your desired cookie settings, you can exit the settings by either pressing the home button or using the back button."

Step 11: Completion  

"And there you have it! You have successfully enabled or disabled cookies on your Samsung phone's Internet browser."

Feel free to ask if you have more questions!

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