How to Remove Server Owner Crown on Discord, Hide Discord Server Owner Crown

1. Introduction:

   - There's no direct setting to hide the server owner's Crown.

   -  the approach involves creating a new role for another user to remove the Crown from the server owner.

2. Create a New User as Administrator:

   - Have a second user that will serve as an administrator to remove the Crown.

   - Open the server menu by clicking the arrow next to the server name.

   - Go to "Server Settings" from the menu.

3. Access Role Settings:

   - Under "Server Settings," navigate to the "Roles" section near the top.

4. Create a New Role:

   - Select "Create Role" to make a new role for the Crown removal purpose.

   - Give the role a descriptive name, e.g., "Remove Crown."

5. Display Settings:

   - On the new role's settings page, ensure that "Display role members separately from online members" is turned on.

   - Save the settings.

6. Assign Administrator Permission:

   - Scroll to the bottom of the role settings and grant the role the "Administrator" permission.

   - Save the changes to the role settings.

7. Apply the Role:

   - Exit the role settings and go back to the server view.

   - Select the user who will have admin rights to remove the Crown.

   - Under the displayed roles, click the plus symbol to add a role.

   - Add the "Administrator" role you created earlier.

8. Refresh the User List:

   - Exit the server and re-open it.

   - After rejoining the server, you'll notice that the server owner's Crown is no longer displayed.

9. Conclusion:

   - Summarize that following these steps will effectively hide the server owner's Crown through the use of a secondary user with administrator privileges.

Remember that these steps pertain to the Discord settings and might be subject to updates or changes in the future. Always ensure that you have the necessary permissions and consider the implications of modifying roles in your server.

Feel free to ask if you have more questions!

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