Fix Realme Failed to Send Message Problem Solved

In this article, I will tell how you can fix Failed to send message problem in any Realme phone. If you are getting the same problem then I will give you solutions that will solve your problem. If you want to fix then read the article till the end.

Fix Realme Failed to Send Message Problem Solved

  • So let's start the article First of all, check your balance because if you don't have then you will get a problem.
  • So to send a message at least you should have one rupee that's why go and check your balance first.
  • But if you have a balance but still it's not going then check the number.
  • If you are sending a message to an invalid number then it will show the problem.
  • If everything is correct then try to send in a different number.
  • If your message goes but it fails to send only on that number.
  • Then the person might have blocked you so you cannot send a message.
  • So you can try the tips and you can clear your confusion too.
  • So whatever I have told try it and see.
  • And if you cannot text anyone then how you can fix that?
  • For that, I will tell you a solution which will solve your problem.
  • Go to settings scroll down and go to app management.
  • Click on show system processes then go to message.
  • Go to storage usage and clear the data.
  • Because of overload, you get the problem or the problem in settings.
  • And clear the data if it's not enabled then clear the cache.
  • So do all the settings and your message not sent problem will be fixed.
  • By chance, if it didn't fix then call your customer care and ask.
  • Sometimes because of problems in the server and Sim.
  • So this problem customer care will solve your problem.
  • So follow the tips and solutions if you cannot send a message.
  • After doing that your problem will be fixed

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