Airtel Sim Not Showing Network Problem Solved

How to fix Airtel sim not showing network problem. So, guys if your sim card is not showing network in your phone Regarding network problems then read the article very carefully, and you won't miss the important options.

Airtel Sim Not Showing Network Problem Solved

  • Now if you find that you can't use the SIM card and it shows no service or no sim on your device then you need to learn some quick ways to solve your problem this problem can happen for mobile devices or for your sim card.
  • Now open settings.
  • Tap SIM cards and mobile networks.
  • Now choose your sim slot.
  • Now select the preferred network type and choose to prefer LTE.
  • If you are already using this then choose to prefer 3G.
  • After that restart your network to restart your network you need to enable airplane mode and wait for 10 SEC.
  • Now turn it off.
  • Now check your issues now if you still found problems then you need to open settings.
  • Scroll down to connection and sharing scroll down.
  • Tap rest.
  • Now choose the sim that you are having problems with.
  • Now tap reset settings.
  • Most people solve their issues at this point.
  • If you still have problems you need to check your sim card by putting it on another device.
If you still have issues with that Sim you need to talk to customer care support now if you have  
more questions about this topic let me know in the comments section.

So, guys by doing this you can fix your problem Hope you like the article. Thanks for visiting our Website!

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