Fix Instagram Messenger Update Not Showing Messenger Icon Missing - 2022

So today I try to access my Instagram messenger via my Android Mobile But unfortunately, it doesn't show that messenger icon in my newsfeed section. So due to this messenger icon missing, I m not able to send messages to my Instagram friend. So how to fix this issue? So before going to our tutorial first of all why this messenger icon is not showing up on your Instagram? So my guess is this is occurs
if you clear this Instagram app data continuously So anyway how to get this icon?

  • So very simple method is just one time clear this Instagram app data but friends don't worry about it all your saved photos and videos are very safe.
  • So you can do it...
  • So by simply long pressing on that Instagram app icon And it shows one popup window so there try to access App info.
  • And then go to Storage.
  • And then click on "Clear data".
  • So you can select Clear all data.
  • So once you did this process.
  • Just close all the windows.
  • And one more time I try to access the Instagram application.
  • And also click to log in to your profile.
  • But again it not showing up that the messenger icon.
  • So how to get it?
  • Now in this home page section, you can press your profile picture icon.
  • And it shows my Instagram profile.
  • So there you can press that 3 horizontal three icons.
  • And it shows one drop-down menu.
  • So there you can go to Settings.
  • So next try to access the "Privacy" settings
  • And finally, click to open Messages.
  • Once you open it you can don't change any settings from this section.
  • Which means that you can close that Instagram.
  • And after a few seconds one more time, you can open your Instagram application.
  • But friend now this time you can see that the messenger icon is visible.
  • And this is the one and only way to get this icon.
  • So for example one more time tries to clear this Instagram app data.
  • So after you clear this app data one more time Try to access the Instagram application.
  • But friend now this time you can see this messenger icon is again missing.
  • So the conclusion of this article is don't try to clear this Instagram app data.
  • And this will hide the messenger icon.
  • So remind this one message.

So anyway if this trick works for you just leave one comment otherwise just put your valuable comments and thanks for visiting our website.

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