How to Set a Custom Tone on Telegram in iPhone How to Set a Preferred Ringtone on Telegram

Today I will quickly show you how to set a custom tone for Telegram on your iPhone.

1. Download the Ringtone:

   - First, open any browser on your iPhone.

   - Search for "free ringtone download" on Google. You can specify the name of the ringtone if you have one in mind.

   - Select a website and download the ringtone you like. For demonstration, I’ll open a website and download the first ringtone.

   - Click on the ringtone to play and download it. The download should complete in a few seconds.

   - Once the download option appears, click on it to save the ringtone. You might see a download icon or an "Options" button to save the file.

2. Save the Ringtone to Files:

   - After downloading, click on the downloaded file.

   - Click on the share icon and scroll down to select "Save to Files".

   - Choose a folder to save the ringtone. I’ll save it to a specific folder.

3. Set the Ringtone in Telegram:

   - Open the Telegram app and go to "Settings".

   - Navigate to "Notifications and Sounds".

   - Choose the type of chat you want to set the custom tone for (e.g., Private Chats, Group Chats, Channels, Stories, or Reactions).

   - For this example, I’ll set it for Private Chats.

   - Click on "Sound" and then on "Upload Sound".

   - Locate the ringtone you downloaded either in the "Recents" or in the folder you saved it in.

   - Select the ringtone and it will be added to your list of notification sounds.

   - Click "Done" to set the ringtone.

Now, whenever you receive a notification, it will play your chosen custom ringtone.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful. If you did, please like the video and subscribe to the channel. Take care, and goodbye!

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