How to Set a Password on Settings App in iPhone

 If you want to lock the Settings app on your iPhone so that it requires a password or Face ID to open, here's how you can do it. Follow these steps:

### Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Open the Shortcuts App:

   - First, go to the Shortcuts app on your iPhone. You can find it in your app library or by searching for "Shortcuts".

   - Open the Shortcuts app.

2. Create a New Automation:

   - In the Shortcuts app, go to the Automation tab at the bottom.

   - If you don’t see the New Automation option, tap on the + icon at the top right and then tap Create Personal Automation.

3. Select the App:

   - Scroll down and find the App option, then tap on it.

   - Tap on Choose and select Settings from the list of apps.

   - Make sure to check Is Opened and then tap Next.

4. Add an Action:

   - Tap on Add Action.

   - Use the search bar at the top and type Lock Screen.

   - Select Lock Screen from the search results.

   - Tap Next.

5. Configure the Automation:

   - Make sure Ask Before Running is toggled off and confirm by tapping Don’t Ask.

   - Tap Done.

Now, whenever you or anyone else tries to open the Settings app, the screen will lock, requiring Face ID or your passcode to unlock it.

### Summary:

By following these steps, you can easily set a lock on your Settings app using the Shortcuts app. This will enhance the privacy of your iPhone settings. I hope you found this guide helpful. If you liked the video, please like it and subscribe to the channel. Take great care of yourself. Bye-bye!

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