How To View YouTube Video Tags

Hey there! In this blog post, I will Guide You On How To View YouTube Video Tags.


How To View YouTube Video Tags

How to find the tags that have been used on any YouTube video 

so tags are part of the SEO of YouTube and they're added by the Creator to kind of help YouTube understand what the video is about,

 and different search terms things like that so one way to do research on tags that might work best on your videos is to see what other people are using.

 alright, so let's get started the first thing we do is find a video that we think has good tags.

now right-click on the webpage, and go to "view page source".

This will display the code for the website including HTML, CSS and other codes used.

"Let's see what keywords are hiding in this page!

To do that, we'll use a handy trick: press Ctrl + F to bring up a search box. Type in "keywords" and hit enter.

so the first match for keywords is just a meta tag and it's only going to show a couple of tags,

 so go to find all of the tags We want to go, to the next search finding and that's going to show us all of the tags that have been used on that video.

This way, we'll see every single tag used on the video,

 and they're separated by commas so all you need to do is just look between the commas,

 and those will be the tags or phrases that were used by the creator of that YouTube video

alright gyus  that's how you find tags on any YouTube video 

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