How to Remove Followers on X Twitter EASY

 Hey there! In this blog post, I will Guide You On How to remove followers on X Twitter

How to Remove Followers on X Twitter EASY

 So unfortunately in the Twitter App on your iPhone or Android phone you are not able to remove followers you can only block people.

So we need to do to remove followers is actually 

1. Open up the browser on your phone and simply go to the,

2. Once you are logged into your account select your profile image in the top right of the browser.

3.  now tap on there you can see followers so tap on it.

4. Now tap on the followers list now tap on the three line.

5. Now which Person You Want Tk Remove from your follower list tap on the three top at the right side of that persons name.

6. now confirm to remove tap on remove now.

 refresh the page now you can check that person is removed now.

   The person will not be notified and keep in mind they will be able to follow you in the future if you don't want them to follow you in the future simply block them. thank you so much for watching if this video was helpful so please like share subscribe to texor 2

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