How to turn off Guided Access mode in iPhone

How to turn off Guided Access mode in iPhone

   Guided Access is a feature in iPhones that helps you focus on a specific app by limiting access to other functions. To turn off Guided Access mode, follow these steps:

  1. Triple-click the side button or Home button.
  2. Enter your passcode if you have one set.
  3. Tap End.

You can also turn off Guided Access by going to Settings > Accessibility > Guided Access and turning off the Guided Access switch.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind about Guided Access mode:

  • You can set a time limit for Guided Access sessions. When the time limit is reached, the session will end automatically.
  • You can also disable certain features during Guided Access sessions, such as the side button, volume buttons, and motion.
  • Guided Access mode is a great way to help children use your iPhone safely. You can use it to limit them to a single app or screen, and you can disable features that they might not be ready for.

Here are the steps on how to turn off Guided Access mode in iPhone:

1. Unlock your iPhone: If your iPhone is locked, unlock it using your passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID.

2. Triple-Click the Home Button or Side Button (depending on your iPhone model): Triple-click the Home button (on iPhones with a Home button) or the Side button (on iPhones without a Home button) quickly. This action will activate the Guided Access menu.

3. Enter Your Guided Access Passcode or Use Face ID/Touch ID: If you've set up a Guided Access passcode, you'll be prompted to enter it. If you're using Face ID or Touch ID, you might need to authenticate to access the Guided Access menu.

4. End the Guided Access Session: In the Guided Access menu, you'll see options for "End" or "Resume." Tap the "End" button. This will end the current Guided Access session and return you to the regular mode of using your iPhone.

5. Enter Your Device Passcode or Use Face ID/Touch ID Again: To confirm that you want to end the Guided Access session, you may need to enter your device passcode or use Face ID/Touch ID again, depending on your iPhone's security settings.

6. Guided Access Is Now Turned Off: Once you've completed these steps, Guided Access mode will be turned off, and you'll have full access to all the apps and functions on your iPhone.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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