How to Reset Duolingo Course - Restart Language on Duolingo

  Duolingo is a popular language-learning platform that offers free and paid courses in numerous languages. It was developed by Luis von Ahn and Severin Hacker, and it was launched in 2011. Duolingo's approach to language learning is gamified, making use of interactive exercises, quizzes, and lessons to help users learn and practice languages in a fun and engaging manner.

How to Reset Duolingo Course OR  Restart Language on Duolingo:

 Step 1: Open Browser on Mobile:

   - You need to use a browser on your iPhone or Android device.

   - Opening a browser is necessary as resetting isn't possible within the Duolingo app.

 Step 2: Access Duolingo:

   - Navigate to "".

   - Select "I already have an account" under "Get Started".

 Step 3: Log into Your Account:

   - Sign in to your Duolingo account.

 Step 4: Find Reset Address:

   - Type "" in the browser's address bar.

 Step 5: Navigate to Course Management:

   - This page displays your courses under "Manage Courses".

   - Locate the course you want to reset or restart.

 Step 6: Reset Course:

   - Next to the course you want to reset, click "Reset".

   - A warning will appear stating that resetting removes all progress in that language.

 Step 7: Confirm Reset:

   - Confirm that you want to reset the course.

   - Click "Reset" to proceed.

    - The page will reload, and your chosen course will now be reset or restarted.


    - That's how you reset courses in Duolingo.


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