How to Add Music to Instagram Notes, Get New Instagram Notes Music

Instagram recently added the ability to add music to its Notes feature. This means that users can now share their favorite songs with their followers, or use music to set the mood for their Notes. To use the new feature, follow these below steps.

  - "Instagram recently added music to their notes feature."

  - "This allows you to easily add music to your notes, which will be shared with your friends within the Instagram app."

- Step 1: Ensure Latest Instagram Version:

  - "Make sure you have the latest version of Instagram installed on your iPhone or Android phone."

  - "Open the respective app store: App Store for iPhone or Google Play Store for Android."

  - "Search for 'Instagram' and update if an update is available."

- Step 2: Accessing Instagram Notes:

  - "Open Instagram and select the messages icon in the top right corner."

  - "Choose your note from the top with the plus symbol."

- Step 3: Adding Music:

  - "Look under your profile image for the music icon, represented as a note with a music symbol."

  - "Tap the music icon to proceed."

- Step 4: Selecting a Song:

  - "Search for the song you want to add or browse through the available options."

  - "You can select any song that you like."

- Step 5: Choosing Song Section:

  - "You can even select a specific portion of the song to include in your note."

  - "The app provides indicators for popular/shared sections of the song."

- Step 6: Confirming Selection:

  - "After selecting the portion, tap 'Done' to confirm."

- Step 7: Adding Text:

  - "You can also add a text thought about the song to your note."

- Step 8: Sharing the Note:

  - "Once you've added music and text to your note, tap 'Share' at the bottom right."

- Result:

  - "Your note with the added music and text will be shared."

- Troubleshooting:

  - "If you've updated Instagram and still don't see this feature, consider fully uninstalling and then reinstalling the app."

- Conclusion:

  - "That's how you add music to Instagram notes."

  - "If you have any questions, leave a comment below, and I'll get back to you."

Feel free to ask if you have more questions!

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