MX Player, What is Back to list in mx player


MX Player, What is Back to list in mx player

 MX Player is a popular media player application for Android devices that allows users to play various types of audio and video files. It offers a user-friendly interface and a range of features for an enhanced media playback experience. One useful feature in MX Player is the "Back to list" option, which allows you to quickly return to the list of files or the media library from the currently playing file.

When you're using MX Player to play a specific file, such as a video or audio track, you might want to navigate back to the list of files or the media library without stopping the playback entirely. The "Back to list" feature comes in handy in such situations, as it enables you to easily access other files or browse through your media collection without interrupting the current playback.

To use the "Back to list" option in MX Player, follow these steps:

1. Launch MX Player on your Android device.

2. Open a file for playback by selecting it from your device's storage or library.

3. Once the file starts playing, you'll see the playback screen with various controls and options.

4. Look for the "Back to list" button or icon, usually located in the top-left corner of the screen. It is typically represented by an arrow pointing to the left or an icon resembling a list.

5. Tap on the "Back to list" button or icon to return to the list of files or the media library.

6. You will now be taken back to the previous screen, where you can browse through your files, select another media item, or perform other actions within MX Player.

By utilizing the "Back to list" functionality in MX Player, you can easily switch between different files or explore your media library while keeping your current playback intact. This feature enhances the overall convenience and multitasking capabilities of the MX Player application, allowing you to seamlessly manage and enjoy your media files.

Certainly! Here's some additional information about the "Back to list" feature in MX Player:

1. Simplified navigation: The "Back to list" option in MX Player simplifies the navigation process, especially when you are browsing through a large collection of media files. Instead of exiting the current file and manually navigating back to the list or library, you can simply use the "Back to list" button to quickly return to where you left off.

2. Multiple file selection: MX Player allows you to select and play multiple files in a queue. While playing files in succession, you can still access the list of files or the media library by using the "Back to list" feature. This makes it easy to manage your playlist, add or remove files, or make any changes without interrupting the playback flow.

3. Customizable interface: The "Back to list" button in MX Player can be customized to suit your preferences. You can often find options within the settings menu to modify the appearance or position of the button. This flexibility allows you to tailor the user interface of MX Player according to your liking, ensuring a personalized media playback experience.

4. Gesture controls: MX Player also offers gesture controls for navigation. Depending on the configuration, you may be able to swipe or tap on specific areas of the screen to activate the "Back to list" function. This adds an intuitive and convenient way to switch between files and the media library without relying solely on the on-screen button or icon.

5. Enhancing multitasking: The "Back to list" feature is particularly useful when you want to perform other tasks while playing media in MX Player. For example, you can quickly access your file manager, search for additional files, or perform other activities on your device, all while keeping the media playback running in the background.

Overall, the "Back to list" option in MX Player improves the user experience by offering seamless navigation between individual files and the media library. It allows you to effortlessly manage your media collection, customize the interface, and multitask efficiently, making MX Player a versatile and user-friendly media player application.

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