MX Player, Last Media in Each Folder ?


MX Player, Last Media in Each Folder ?

MX Player is a popular media player application that allows you to play various types of media files on your device. It supports a wide range of formats and provides several customization options for an enhanced viewing experience. In MX Player, you can easily find the last media file played in each folder by following these step-by-step settings:

Step 1: Install and Launch MX Player

If you don't already have MX Player installed on your device, visit your app store (e.g., Google Play Store for Android) and download/install it. Once the installation is complete, launch the MX Player app.

Step 2: Grant Permissions (if prompted)

When you launch MX Player for the first time, it may request certain permissions such as access to your media files. Grant the necessary permissions to allow MX Player to scan and display your media files.

Step 3: Navigate to "Settings"

To access the MX Player settings, tap on the three vertical dots or the menu icon located at the top-right or bottom-right corner of the app interface. This will open the menu options.

Step 4: Open "Settings" Menu

From the menu options, locate and select the "Settings" option. It is usually represented by a gear or a cogwheel icon.

Step 5: Navigate to "List"

Inside the MX Player settings, you will find various categories or sections. Look for the "List" option and tap on it to access the settings related to the media list and folder view.

Step 6: Enable "Remember Last Media in Folders"

Within the "List" settings, you should see an option called "Remember Last Media in Folders" or something similar. Toggle the switch next to this option to enable it. This setting allows MX Player to remember the last media file played in each folder.

Step 7: Adjust Other Settings (optional)

While you're in the MX Player settings, you can explore other options to customize your media playback experience. These settings may include playback controls, audio/video enhancements, subtitles, and more. Adjust them according to your preferences.

Step 8: Exit Settings

Once you have enabled the "Remember Last Media in Folders" option or made any other desired changes, navigate back to the main interface of MX Player by tapping on the back or home button, or by closing the settings menu.

Step 9: Browse Media Folders

Now, navigate to the folder or directories where your media files are stored within MX Player. You can do this by using the file explorer within the app or by selecting a specific folder from the library view.

Step 10: Access Last Media in Each Folder

When you open a folder in MX Player, it should display the last media file that was played within that particular folder. This feature allows you to easily resume playback from where you left off, even if you have navigated away from that folder.

That's it! You have successfully enabled the "Remember Last Media in Folders" option in MX Player, and now you can quickly find the last media file played in each folder within the app. Enjoy your media playback experience with MX Player!

Certainly! Here are some additional details about MX Player and its features:

Introduction to MX Player:

MX Player is a feature-rich media player that offers a wide range of capabilities for playing various media formats on your device. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms and has gained popularity due to its user-friendly interface and extensive customization options.

Key Features of MX Player:

1. Wide Format Support: MX Player supports a vast array of video and audio formats, including popular ones like MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, MP3, FLAC, and more. This ensures that you can play most media files without the need for additional codecs.

2. Hardware Acceleration: MX Player utilizes hardware acceleration to enhance playback performance. It can make use of hardware decoding capabilities in your device's processor, resulting in smoother video playback and reduced battery consumption.

3. Multi-Core Decoding: With multi-core decoding, MX Player can distribute the video decoding process across multiple processor cores, maximizing performance and ensuring smooth playback, particularly for high-resolution videos.

4. Subtitle Support: MX Player provides comprehensive subtitle support, allowing you to load external subtitle files in various formats (e.g., SRT, SUB, ASS). You can adjust subtitle synchronization, change font styles, colors, and even download subtitles directly from the app.

5. Gesture Controls: MX Player offers intuitive gesture controls for easy navigation and control during playback. For example, you can swipe up or down on the left side of the screen to adjust brightness, and on the right side to control volume. Additionally, you can pinch-to-zoom, scroll for seeking, and double-tap to pause/play.

6. Background Playback: MX Player allows you to continue audio or video playback in the background while using other apps or when your device's screen is turned off. This feature is handy for listening to music or watching videos while multitasking.

7. Network Streaming: MX Player supports network streaming, enabling you to play media files directly from online sources, such as network shares or streaming services. You can enter the URL of the media file or browse network locations to access and play content.

8. Kids Lock: The Kids Lock feature in MX Player ensures that children can safely use the app without accidentally accessing sensitive areas or making unintended changes. It restricts access to certain functions and requires a specific gesture or PIN to exit the Kids Lock mode.

9. Customization Options: MX Player provides extensive customization options, allowing you to personalize your media playback experience. You can customize the player's appearance with different themes, adjust audio and video settings, choose aspect ratios, and apply video filters and enhancements.

10. Online Content: MX Player also offers a section for online content, including a curated collection of movies, web series, music videos, and more. You can browse and stream content from various providers directly within the app.

MX Player continues to evolve with new features and enhancements with each update, ensuring a rich multimedia experience for its users.

Remember to regularly check for updates to benefit from the latest improvements and features added to the app.

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