Messages Not Loading on Facebook Messenger Problem Solved

This blog covers the ways in which you can fix Facebook Messenger glitches and bugs that prevent text, media, or GIFs from loading fully within conversations with people and pages on Facebook Messenger.

Messages Not Loading on Facebook Messenger Problem Solved

Facebook Messenger Not Working Why?

Facebook Messenger not loading messages or media properly because of:

  • Facebook is down for maintenance. Sorry. It should be working soon!
  • The Messenger app is not updated to a new version
  • Data settings that are incorrectly selected can cause a number of problems

There are a few different ways you can go about fixing Facebook Messenger on your devices, whether they be iPhones and iPads, Android smartphones and tablets, or Windows and Mac PCs. Some solutions are platform specific, so make sure to read the labels before attempting a fix. With that said, here are a few ways you can go about fixing Facebook Messenger.

How To Fix Messenger Messages Not Loading?

There are a few things you can do if you're having problems loading Facebook Messenger on your iPhone or iPad. First, try restarting your device. If that doesn't work, try reinstalling and then updating the app.

If you're having trouble loading Facebook Messenger, it's possible the Facebook service is down. This can affect messages in the app as well as on the Facebook website.

It's important to always double-check which messaging app you're using before sending a message. With the growing number of apps now available, it's easy to accidentally open the wrong one when chatting with contacts on multiple platforms.

You can send a message on Facebook Messenger by posting it in a chat. This will cause the Facebook Messenger app to check for new data on Facebook's servers, and download any new texts or media.

To disable Airplane Mode on your device, follow the instructions below depending on your platform. With Airplane Mode turned off, you will be able to connect to Facebook's servers and use data.

  • Android: [Use Airplane Mode on Your Android]

  • iPhone and iPad: [Using Airplane Mode on Your iPhone and iPad]

  • Windows: [Using Airplane Mode on Your Windows]

Try turning off Airplane Mode, wait two minutes, and turn it back on again. This will force your device to re-establish a connection to both the cellular network and any available Wi-Fi networks.

Turn off Wi-Fi and use cellular. It’s possible that your connection has been disrupted or you are experiencing some kind of network issues on Facebook. Turning off Wi-fi will tell your device to use your cellular connection instead if you have one.

Turn off your phone's cellular connection and instead use Wi-Fi only. If there are some Facebook Messenger messages which won't load completely or at all on a mobile device, it may be because the national provider is having connectivity issues with the servers where the data is being hosted. To test this theory, try connecting to a wireless network instead of cellular in order to see if the issue persists.

You may have to disable your 5G connection if you suspect it’s causing a data problem.

You should also try disabling your VPN if you are experiencing issues with Messenger. Accomplishing this is different depending on the type of phone you own. On an iPhone, navigate to Settings > Cellular then toggle “Enable LTE” off or down to disable 5G/LTE.

Quit or exit Facebook Messenger. You can do this from the home screen where you launch Facebook Messenger – press and hold on to the Facebook Messenger icon and press "Quit." For Apple devices, double click the Home button, then swipe up on your Messenger's icon to close the application. On Android phones, touch Apps > Facebook Messenger > More (three-dot menu) > Force stop .

Restart your computer or smartphone. Restarting your device is further based on which you operate: iPhone [Restart Your iPhone]. Android [Restart Your Android Device], Windows [Restart Your Windows], or a Mac [Restart Your Mac].

Update the Facebook Messenger app. If you are having a problem loading media in conversations, check to see if you need to update your device or the apps on it and make sure they have the latest updates. Your operating system also needs to be updated as an out-of-date version can cause issues with some apps and online services.

The process for updating your device's operating system is different depending on where you got the device: Windows [Software Update], macOS [Mac App Store Updates], iOS [Settings > General > Software Update], or Android [Settings > About Phone > System updates].

Make sure you’ve been blocked on Facebook Messenger because being unable to load a conversation with someone in the Messenger app could mean that they’ve chosen to block you from communicating with them.

If you suspect that you may have been blocked by someone on Facebook, the first step is to simply ask them in a message. If it seems like they are not responding, send a quick message on Messenger to see if the problem lies with the app itself (although this is very unlikely).

Disable Low Data Mode. This option can prevent apps such as Facebook Messenger from pulling the latest information from servers, finally letting your family see all of your photos of embarrassing dancing taken at a concert. Removing low data mode on an iPhone depends on the model, so here's how to remove low data mode using iPhone.

To turn on background app refresh on iPhone, go to Settings > Facebook Messenger >  Background App Refresh and switch it on. For Android, you just have to Force Stop the Messenger App. Settings > App Manager > Messenger App > Force Stop.

To get Messenger running smoothly make sure you uninstall the app from your phone and then reinstall it. This should take care of any problems you might be experiencing.

Try the Facebook website! It’s possible that you are trying to connect with a Customer Service Representative who may be helping other users behind the scenes or is busy at that moment. Since this chat has already been established, try sending them a message from your web browser by visiting Messenger.

The only way to make sure your website or app is working properly and that users aren't experiencing any strange errors is by doing a "clear browser cache" from time to time. You can either do this manually as it may take some time for the cookies to clear or you can make use of your web host's tool for doing this for you automatically - that way when there are small issues people won't notice them right away and it will run smoother until you find out what exactly it was.

Clear your media cache on Facebook. This process can often improve the functionality of images on the platform, helping with issues you may have encountered while browsing Facebook or using Messenger.

If you’re experiencing internet connection issues on your device, you might want to consider resetting your network settings. The process for resetting your network settings will vary depending on your particular operating system. Perhaps it’s worth the additional few minutes it may take to test if this helps resolve the issue before reaching out to Apple or other support sources.

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