How to Reset YouTube Recommendations

Hey there! In this blog post, I will Guide You On How to Reset YouTube Recommendations:

How to Reset YouTube Recommendations

So if you are getting recommended a lot of videos that you have no interest in on YouTube we can go in and clear our watch History this will reset the recommendation you see on YouTube.

1. okay so firstly open any browser and log in to

2. Now when is logged in tap on your profile icon at the right side of the screen.

3. Now tap on "your data in YouTube."

4. Scroll down until you see Manage your YouTube search history, tap on it.

5. Scroll down and tap on delete, here you can see three options if you tap on "delete today" Option so it will delete today's YouTube search history or if you tap on "delete custom range" so you have to select the Specific date, and you tap on "delete all time" so it will delete all-time YouTube search history,

or you can also clear YouTube search history by tapping on "X" one by one,

okay so go and tap on delete all time now you have to confirm it tap on delete you can see delation complete.

All right! that's how you reset YouTube Recommendations.

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