How to Enable & Disable JavaScript in Google Chrome

 Hello, Welcome Back To Techsore! In This Blog Post, I will Explain How to Enable & Disable JavaScript in Google Chrome

 okay so firstly open up Chrome browser now tap on three vertical lines scroll down tap on settings under search box just simply type Java now tap on site settings scroll down tap on JavaScript here you can see two options allow option or don't allow site to use JavaScript okay so if you want to allow it so simply tap here or you can manually add the some site you if some site you want to allow for JavaScript and some site you don't want to use a JavaScript on it okay so just simply tap on ADD and here you can paste that site URL that you want to don't allow okay like and tap on ADD okay so Google is added to not allowed to use JavaScript if you want to change to allow so it will it will goes on allow column okay or if you want to remove it so you can remove it by tapping on remove all right that's how you enable and disable JavaScript in your PC computer thank you so much for watching if this video was helpful so please like share subscribe to Techsore

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