How To Change Font Size In Google Chrome Adjust Text Size

Hello, Welcome Back To Techsore! In This Blog Post, I will Explain How To Change Font Size In Google Chrome and Adjust Text Size

okay so firstly open up Google Chrome now tap on these three vertical dots scroll down tap on settings now here tap on appear scroll down here you can easily select font size by tapping here okay so you can select very small small medium large very large okay or you can change manually by tapping here now now under C customize fonts you can see here a minimum font size so you can do tiny to huge by selecting this okay so if I do firstly see in tiny fonts I will open my website uh you can see here font size okay now go back and after doing huge you can see the font size is huge huge now again tiny you can see font size is Tiny now okay all right that's how you change font size in Google Chrome thank you so much for watching if this video was helpful so please like share subscribe to techsore

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