What is Enhanced Tracking protection In Firefox Browser

  Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) is a feature in Firefox that helps to protect your privacy by blocking trackers from following you across websites. Trackers are small pieces of code that are embedded in websites and collect information about your browsing activity, such as the pages you visit, the ads you click on, and the things you search for. This information can then be used to target you with advertising, track your online activity, or build a profile of your interests.

ETP works by blocking known trackers from loading on websites. It does this by using a list of trackers that have been identified by privacy organizations. ETP is available in three levels:

* Standard: This is the default level of protection. It blocks most trackers, but it may not block all of them.

* Strict: This level blocks more trackers than the Standard level. However, it may also block some features of websites, such as videos or ads.

* Custom: This level allows you to choose which trackers to block.

You can enable ETP in Firefox by following these steps:

1. Open Firefox.

2. Click on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the window.

3. Select "Options".

4. Click on the "Privacy & Security" tab.

5. Under "Enhanced Tracking Protection", select the level of protection you want.

You can also add websites to the list of exceptions for ETP. This means that trackers from those websites will not be blocked. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Open Firefox.

2. Click on the shield icon to the left of the address bar.

3. Click on "Protection Settings".

4. Under "Enhanced Tracking Protection", click on "Exceptions".

5. Enter the URL of the website you want to add an exception for and click on "Add".

ETP is a valuable tool for protecting your privacy online. By enabling it, you can help to prevent trackers from following you across websites and collecting information about your browsing activity.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind about ETP:

* ETP may block some features of websites, such as videos or ads. If you experience any problems with a website, you can try disabling ETP for that website.

* ETP is not perfect. There are always new trackers being created, so it is possible that some trackers will still be able to track you even with ETP enabled.

* You can also use other privacy-focused browsers, such as Brave or Tor Browser, to protect your privacy online.

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