Play Roblox on 2 Accounts at the Same Time - How to Use Two Accounts on Roblox - 2023

How to play two Roblox accounts simultaneously on one PC.

1. Requirements:

   - You need two separate Roblox accounts.

   - Install Roblox on your computer twice.

2. Initial Steps:

   - Visit the Roblox website ( and log into one of your Roblox accounts.

   - Open a Roblox game through the browser and click the "Play" button.

3. Installing Roblox:

   - If you don't have Roblox installed, download and install it using the browser launcher.

   - Download the Roblox launcher and install it on your computer.

4. Opening First Account:

   - Launch the Roblox launcher and open the game you want to play.

   - If prompted, allow Roblox to open.

5. Opening Second Account:

   - Minimize the first Roblox instance and move it to one side of the screen.

   - Open the Microsoft Store from the Windows start menu.

   - Search for "Roblox" in the Microsoft Store search bar and install it.

   - After installation, click "Play" to open the second Roblox instance.

6. Logging into Second Account:

   - Log into your second Roblox account when prompted or sign up for a new account.

   - Choose a game server and start playing.

7. Adjusting Windows:

   - Arrange the two Roblox instances on your screen as desired.

8. Final Steps:

   - Now you have two Roblox accounts playing simultaneously on one PC.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments section!

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