How to Play Pls Donate on Roblox Mobile - iPhone & Android - Setup Pls Donate Stand

How to Play "Pls Donate" on Mobile:
- The Steps demonstrates setting up a stand with buttons to accept donations in Roblox's "Pls Donate" game. How to list items for sale to receive donations in the game.

1. Starting Steps:
- Close the Roblox app on your mobile device.
- Open a browser (Safari or Chrome) and navigate to

2. Load Roblox in Browser:
- On the website, select "Continue in Browser" when prompted.
- Log in to your Roblox account.

3. Request Desktop Version:
- On Safari (iPhone), select the "AA" symbol next to the address bar, then choose "Request Desktop Site."
- On Chrome (Android), tap the three vertical dots near the address bar, and select "Desktop Site."

4. Access Creator Dashboard:
- Click on the top menu and choose "Create."
- You'll be taken to the creator's dashboard under the "Experience" tab.

5. Access Your Place:
- Scroll down and find your place under "Create Experience," and select it.

6. Associated Items:
- Click the three horizontal lines in the top left to open the menu.
- Choose "Associated items" from the menu.

7. Create a Pass:
- Under "Associated items," select "Passes" from the top menu.
- Click "Create a Pass."

8. Upload Pass Image:
- Click "Upload Image" and select a suitable image (JPEG, PNG, or BMP format) for your game pass.
- Choose the image and click "Create."

9. Name and Description:
- Give your game pass a name (it'll be displayed on your stand) and an optional description.
- Click "Create Pass" at the bottom.

10. Basic Settings:
- Once created, select your newly made game pass.
- Click the menu button (three horizontal lines) again, and under "Details," choose "Sales."

11. List the Pass for Sale:
- Toggle the button next to "Item for Sale" to enable it.
- Set the price for your game pass (Robux), keeping in mind that you'll receive 70% of the price.
- Click "Save Changes."

12. Verify the Listing:
- Return to "Associated items" to find your listed game pass.

13. Using "Pls Donate" in Roblox:
- Open the Roblox app and launch "Pls Donate."
- Approach an unclaimed stand and tap and hold to claim it.

14. Donations and Text Editing:
- Your newly created game pass will appear on the stand, allowing people to purchase it.
- Edit the stand's displayed text by tapping the pencil button in the left menu of "Pls Donate."
- Type your desired text, apply changes, and see the updated stand.

15. Troubleshooting and Extras:
- If buttons don't appear on the stand, fully close and reopen Roblox.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments section!

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