How to Make a Poll on Discord - 2023

 Here's a step-by-step breakdown how to add polls to a Discord server using the Carl-bot:

1. Login and Add Carl-bot:

   - Open a web browser and navigate to

   - Click "Login with Discord" and select the server where you want to add the Carl-bot.

   - Grant access to the server by clicking "Continue."

   - Approve the required permissions by selecting "Authorize."

2. Create a Yes/No Poll:

   - Join a text channel where you want to create the poll (it can be a dedicated poll channel or any text channel).

   - Type the command: `/poll`

   - Enter your question after the command (e.g., "Do you like this feature?")

   - Press "Enter" to create the poll.

   - The bot will automatically create a poll with a thumbs up and thumbs down reaction for users to vote.

3. Create a Poll with Specific Answers:

   - Type the command: `/poll`

   - Select the "match" command that appears after typing the initial command.

   - Enter your question (e.g., "Which color do you prefer?")

   - Press the "Tab" key on your keyboard to switch to the "choices" field.

   - Type the answer choices separated by commas (e.g., "Red, Blue, Green").

   - Press "Enter" to create the poll.

   - The bot will create a poll with your question and the numbered answer choices. Users can vote by typing the corresponding number.

Additional Tips

There are two ways to create a poll on Discord: using reactions or using a bot.

Using reactions

1. Navigate to the server and channel where you want to create the poll.

2. Type in your poll question.

3. For each answer option, type the corresponding emoji reaction. For example, if you have two answer options, you would type `:thumbsup:` for the first option and `:thumbsdown:` for the second option.

4. Press `Enter` to send the message.

Members in the channel can then vote for their preferred answer by reacting to the corresponding emoji.

Using a bot

There are many bots that can be used to create polls on Discord. Some popular bots include:

* CarlBot

* Dyno Bot

* MEE6 Bot

To create a poll using a bot, you will need to first add the bot to your server. Once the bot is added, you can use its commands to create a poll. The specific commands will vary depending on the bot, but they are usually similar.

For example, to create a yes/no poll using CarlBot, you would type the following command in the chat:


+poll Your question here


CarlBot will then reply with a message that includes a thumbs up and thumbs down reaction. Members in the channel can then vote by reacting to the corresponding emoji.

Here are some additional tips for creating polls on Discord:

* Make sure your question is clear and brief.

* Give clear instructions  how to vote.

* Set a deadline for voting, if desired.

* Notify everyone when the poll is closed.

Feel free to ask if you have more questions!

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