How To Fix Screen Share Audio Not Working on Discord - Stream with Sound on Discord

   Discord is a popular communication platform primarily used by gamers and online communities to connect through voice, video, and text chat. It allows users to create and join servers dedicated to various topics, where they can engage in real-time conversations, share multimedia content, and coordinate activities. With its user-friendly interface and customizable features, Discord has expanded beyond gaming, becoming a versatile platform for social interaction, learning, and collaboration among people with shared interests.

## Fixing Screen Sharing Audio Issues in Discord:

1. Selecting the Correct Screen Sharing Option

   - Ensure you're in a voice channel before starting screen sharing.

   - When choosing what to share:

     - Go to the "Screen" section.

     - Avoid selecting "Screens" (monitors) as they won't share audio.

     - Choose "Applications" instead of "Screens."

     - Select the specific application you want to share.

2. Voice and Video Settings

   - Open Discord settings (bottom left, gear icon next to username).

   - Navigate to "Voice and Video" under "App Settings" in the left sidebar.

   - Scroll down to "Screen Share" (near the bottom).

   - Enable "Use an experimental method to capture audio for applications."

3. Rebooting Computer

   - If audio issues persist, try rebooting your computer.

4. Game Settings for Desktop Application

   - Go to "Game Settings" in the left sidebar.

   - Select "Game Activity."

   - Add the application you're trying to share audio from as a "game":

     - Click "Add it" and locate the application (e.g., Spotify).

     - Add the selected application as a game.

5. Testing the Fix

   - Close settings.

   - Launch screen sharing, select the application you added (e.g., Spotify).

   - Go live with the selected application.

   - Verify that the audio is now being shared.

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