How to Fix Mouse Disappearing in OBS Studio, Cursor Disappears when using OBS

Fix the issue of a disappearing cursor in OBS Studio:

1. Identify the Issue:

   If your mouse cursor disappears while using OBS, it's likely due to using a "Display Capture" source.

2. Locate Display Capture Source:

   Move your mouse around the OBS interface until you find the area where the cursor turns blue, indicating where the display capture source is located.

3. Access Source Properties:

   Double-click on the display capture source to access its properties.

4. Adjust Capture Method:

   Within the source properties, find the "Capture Method" setting.

5. Change Capture Method:

   If your cursor disappears when the "Capture Method" is set to "Windows 10," try selecting the other available option (e.g., "Compatibility Mode").

6. Enable Cursor Capture:

   Ensure that the "Capture Cursor" option is selected if you want your cursor to be captured and displayed in OBS recordings.

7. Apply Changes:

   After making the necessary adjustments, click "OK" to save the changes.

8. Test and Verify:

   Your cursor should now be visible in OBS. Test the setup to confirm that the cursor is no longer disappearing.

Feel free to ask if you have more questions!

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