How to Delete Gamepass on Roblox - Remove Gamepass in Pls Donate

  Roblox is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game creation platform that allows users to create their own games and play games created by other users.

how to delete or remove game passes from a Roblox game. Here's a point-wise breakdown of the steps:

1. Access Roblox Website:

   - Open a web browser.

   - Navigate to the official Roblox website:

   - Ensure you're logged into the account with the game passes you want to delete.

2. Access Creator Dashboard:

   - Click on the "Create" option in the top menu of the website.

   - This takes you to the Creator Dashboard.

3. Select Your Place:

   - In the Creator Dashboard, locate your places (games).

   - Click on the place that contains the game passes you want to delete.

4. Access Associated Items:

   - Inside the Creator Dashboard, find the left sidebar.

   - Click on "Associated items."

5. Access Passes:

   - Within the Associated Items section, choose "Passes" from the top menu.

   - This should display a list of all your game passes.

6. Select the Game Pass:

   - Identify and click on the specific game pass you wish to delete.

7. Update Game Pass:

   - After selecting the game pass, you have options to edit it.

   - You can change the image and name if desired.

   - To delete it, proceed as follows.

8. Turn Off Item for Sale:

   - Scroll down to the "Details" section.

   - Find the "Sales" option and disable it by toggling it off.

   - This marks the game pass as not for sale.

9. Save Changes:

   - Look for the "Save changes" button.

   - Click on it to confirm the changes you've made.

10. Restart Roblox:

    - Close the Roblox application if it's open.

11. Reopen Roblox:

    - Re-launch the Roblox application.

12. Verify Deletion:

    - After restarting Roblox, go back to your game, "Please Donate."

    - Check the game pass section to confirm that the selected pass is no longer visible.

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