Vivo Y1, How to Set,Change Ringtones and Select From Files Music

Vivo Y1, How to Set/Change Ringtones & Select From Files Music


Vivo Y12 is a popular smartphone that runs on the Android operating system. One of the personalization features of this device is the ability to set or change ringtones. You can choose from the pre-installed ringtones or select your own music files as your ringtone. Here is a step-by-step solution to help you set or change ringtones on your Vivo Y12, including selecting music from your files.

Step 1: Access the Settings Menu

To begin, unlock your Vivo Y12 and navigate to the home screen. From there, locate the "Settings" app, which is represented by a gear icon. Tap on the icon to access the Settings menu.

Step 2: Find the Sound & Vibration Settings

Within the Settings menu, scroll down and look for the "Sound & Vibration" option. This section allows you to customize various sound-related settings on your device, including ringtones.

Step 3: Select Phone Ringtone

Under the Sound & Vibration settings, locate and tap on the "Phone Ringtone" option. This will open a list of available ringtones for your Vivo Y12.

Step 4: Choose a Pre-installed Ringtone

By default, the Phone Ringtone menu will display a list of pre-installed ringtones. Browse through the available options and tap on the one you wish to set as your ringtone. A preview will play when you tap on a ringtone to help you decide.

Step 5: Select From Files (Optional)

If you prefer to set a custom ringtone from your music files, you can choose the "Select From Files" option. This allows you to use any audio file stored on your Vivo Y12 as a ringtone.

Step 6: Grant Permission to Access Files

When you select the "Select From Files" option, your Vivo Y12 may prompt you to grant permission to access your files. This is necessary to browse and select audio files from your device. Tap on "Allow" or "Grant" to proceed.

Step 7: Navigate to the Music File

After granting the necessary permission, you will be taken to the file explorer. Use the file explorer to navigate to the location where your desired music file is stored. This could be in your device's internal storage or an external SD card.

Step 8: Select the Music File

Once you have located the music file you want to use as your ringtone, tap on it to select it. You may see a confirmation prompt asking you to set the selected file as your ringtone. Tap on "OK" or "Set as ringtone" to confirm your choice.

Step 9: Customize Other Sound Settings (Optional)

After setting your desired ringtone, you can explore other sound settings within the Sound & Vibration menu. These settings include adjusting the ring volume, vibration intensity, and other related options. Feel free to customize these settings according to your preferences.

Step 10: Confirm and Test

Once you have set your preferred ringtone, exit the Settings menu. To test the new ringtone, have someone call your Vivo Y12 or use another device to call your phone. You should hear the selected ringtone playing when you receive a call.

Congratulations! You have successfully set or changed the ringtone on your Vivo Y12, either by selecting a pre-installed ringtone or choosing a music file from your device's storage. Enjoy the personalized sound of your Vivo Y12 with your favorite ringtone.

Certainly! Here are some additional steps you can take to further customize your ringtone experience on the Vivo Y12:

Step 1: Create a Custom Music File (Optional)

If you want to use a specific part of a song as your ringtone, you can create a custom music file using a music editing app. There are several apps available on the Google Play Store that allow you to trim or edit audio files. Once you have created the custom music file, make sure it is saved on your device.

Step 2: Download Ringtones from the Internet (Optional)

If you don't have a specific music file in mind, you can download ringtones directly from the internet. There are numerous websites and apps that offer a wide range of free and paid ringtones. Simply search for "free ringtones" or "ringtone downloads" in your preferred search engine to find suitable options. Download the desired ringtone and make sure it is saved on your Vivo Y12.

Step 3: Set a Contact-specific Ringtone (Optional)

If you want to assign different ringtones to specific contacts on your Vivo Y12, you can do so by accessing the Contacts app. Open the Contacts app, select the desired contact, and tap on the Edit option. From there, you should find an option to set a specific ringtone for that contact. Follow the on-screen instructions to choose a unique ringtone for that particular contact.

Step 4: Use a Ringtone Manager App (Optional)

If you have a large collection of music files or downloaded ringtones, you can consider using a dedicated ringtone manager app to organize and set your ringtones. These apps provide additional features and functionality for managing and customizing your ringtone collection. Search for "ringtone manager" or "ringtone app" in the Google Play Store to explore available options.

Step 5: Reset to Default Ringtones

If you want to revert to the default pre-installed ringtones on your Vivo Y12, you can do so by following these steps: Go to the "Settings" app, navigate to the "Sound & Vibration" settings, select "Phone Ringtone," and then choose the "Default" or "System" option. This will set your ringtone back to the default selection.

Remember, the specific steps may vary slightly depending on the version of the Vivo Y12's operating system and any customizations made by the manufacturer. However, the general process should be similar to the steps outlined above.

Enjoy customizing your Vivo Y12's ringtone and adding a personal touch to your device's sound experience!

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