Mx Player, Period tagged as a new ?

Mx Player, Period tagged as a new ?

Introducing Period Tagged Settings in MX Player

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking new feature in MX Player that we believe will greatly enhance your viewing experience. Say hello to "Period Tagged Settings"!

At MX Player, we are constantly striving to improve our app and provide you with the best possible features to make your entertainment moments even more enjoyable. With Period Tagged Settings, we take customization and convenience to a whole new level.

What are Period Tagged Settings?

Period Tagged Settings are a unique and innovative way to personalize your MX Player experience based on different time periods. Whether you're watching a movie from the '70s, a popular TV show from the '90s, or a contemporary web series, MX Player will automatically adapt its settings to perfectly match the vibe of the content you're consuming.

How does it work?

When you start playing a video, MX Player's advanced algorithms analyze the metadata and context of the content. Based on this information, the app identifies the time period in which the video was produced. Once the time period is recognized, MX Player will apply specific settings that are best suited for that era.

What settings are affected?

Period Tagged Settings encompass various aspects of the app to deliver an immersive experience. Some of the settings that can be adjusted include:

1. Color Grading: MX Player will apply appropriate color grading to enhance the visual aesthetics, giving you an authentic feel of the time period.

2. Aspect Ratio: Depending on the video's aspect ratio, MX Player will automatically adjust the display to ensure optimal viewing.

3. Audio Equalization: The app will tune the audio settings to match the audio quality prevalent during that era, giving you an enhanced auditory experience.

4. Subtitle Styles: The subtitles will be customized to complement the video content and provide an authentic feel.

5. User Interface Theme: The app's interface will adapt to match the design trends of the time period, making it a visually pleasing experience.

Why Period Tagged Settings?

Our goal with Period Tagged Settings is to transport you back in time and create an emotional connection with the content you're watching. By accurately recreating the viewing environment of different eras, we hope to amplify your nostalgia and appreciation for classic movies and shows.


Period Tagged Settings will be rolled out in phases for both Android and iOS users. Keep an eye out for updates to enjoy this incredible new feature!

At MX Player, we're committed to delivering the most delightful streaming experience, and Period Tagged Settings is just one step towards that vision. We hope you enjoy this new addition and invite you to immerse yourself in the magic of cinema and television across different ages. Happy viewing!

Certainly! Here's some more information about Period Tagged Settings in MX Player:

Customization and Flexibility:

MX Player understands that personal preferences vary, and that's why we provide the option to customize Period Tagged Settings. If you feel like tweaking certain settings for a specific time period, you can easily do so through the app's settings menu. This gives you the flexibility to tailor the viewing experience to your liking while still enjoying the core benefits of Period Tagged Settings.

Constantly Expanding Database:

To ensure that Period Tagged Settings cover a wide range of time periods and genres, MX Player is continually expanding its database. Our team of experts is constantly curating and updating the metadata to accurately identify and cater to various historical contexts. This commitment to enrichment means that you can expect a growing library of supported time periods as the app evolves.

Enhancing Modern Content:

Period Tagged Settings don't just apply to classic movies and shows; they can also enhance your experience with modern content. For instance, if you're watching a period drama set in the past, the app will recognize the era depicted in the show and adjust its settings accordingly. This feature adds an extra layer of authenticity and immersion to your entertainment, regardless of the time period being portrayed on screen.

Feedback and Improvements:

MX Player values user feedback, and we encourage our users to share their thoughts and suggestions on Period Tagged Settings. Your input will help us fine-tune and improve the feature to meet the expectations of our diverse user base. We are dedicated to providing the best possible viewing experience, and your insights play a vital role in shaping the future of MX Player.

Staying Ahead with AI:

The implementation of Period Tagged Settings showcases the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. MX Player's cutting-edge algorithms are at the heart of this feature, allowing the app to identify patterns in metadata and make real-time adjustments for an optimal viewing experience.

Privacy and Security:

MX Player is committed to maintaining user privacy and security. Rest assured that the metadata analysis necessary for Period Tagged Settings is done locally on your device, without compromising your personal information or data.

Global Availability:

Period Tagged Settings are not limited to specific regions or content. Whether you're watching Hollywood classics, Bollywood blockbusters, or international series, MX Player will strive to apply the appropriate settings to enhance your entertainment experience.

At MX Player, we believe that the joy of watching movies and shows should be an enriching journey through time. With Period Tagged Settings, we're excited to offer a unique and immersive way for you to connect with the content you love, no matter when it was made. We hope you'll enjoy this feature and continue to explore the vast world of entertainment with MX Player. Happy streaming!

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