MX Player, Background PiP Mode Settings

MX Player, Background PiP Mode Settings

 MX Player is a popular media player app that supports a wide range of video and audio formats on Android devices. One of its handy features is the Background Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode, which allows you to continue watching a video in a floating window while using other apps or performing other tasks on your device. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you enable and use the Background PiP mode in MX Player:

1. Install MX Player: If you haven't already, download and install MX Player from the Google Play Store. It's a free app, and you can find it by searching for "MX Player" in the Play Store.

2. Open MX Player: Launch the MX Player app by tapping on its icon in your app drawer or home screen.

3. Navigate to Settings: Once the app is open, tap on the three horizontal lines (hamburger icon) in the top-left corner of the screen to access the app's main menu.

4. Access PiP Settings: In the main menu, scroll down and select "Settings" to open the app's settings screen.

5. Enable Background Play: In the settings screen, locate and tap on the "Player" tab. Scroll down to find the "Background Play (PiP)" option and toggle it on. This will enable the Background PiP mode in MX Player.

6. Adjust PiP Settings (Optional): MX Player offers some additional settings for the PiP mode. If you want to customize the PiP behavior, you can tap on the "Background Play (PiP)" option again to access these settings. Here, you can adjust options like PiP window size, position, transparency, and more according to your preferences.

7. Start Video Playback: Now, you're ready to use the Background PiP mode. Open any video file within MX Player and start playback as you would normally.

8. Activate PiP Mode: While the video is playing, press the home button on your Android device. The video will automatically switch to the floating PiP window, allowing you to continue watching it while using other apps.

9. Resize or Move the PiP Window (Optional): You can drag the PiP window around the screen to reposition it according to your liking. To resize the window, simply pinch in or out with two fingers.

10. Return to Full-Screen Mode: If you want to return to the full-screen mode of MX Player, tap on the PiP window. This will bring back the video to the app's interface.

That's it! You have successfully enabled and used the Background PiP mode in MX Player. Enjoy watching your favorite videos while multitasking on your Android device.

Certainly! Here are some additional tips and information about MX Player's Background PiP mode:

1. Supported Devices: The Background PiP mode in MX Player is available on devices running Android 8.0 (Oreo) and above. Make sure your device meets this requirement to use this feature.

2. PiP Window Controls: When the video is in PiP mode, you'll see several controls on the floating window. These include play/pause, previous/next track, close (to exit PiP mode), and an expand icon (to return to full-screen mode).

3. PiP Window Transparency: In the PiP settings, you can adjust the transparency of the floating window. This allows you to make the window more or less transparent, depending on your preference and visibility needs.

4. PiP Window Size and Position: MX Player lets you customize the size and position of the PiP window. You can adjust the size by pinching in or out with two fingers, and drag the window to different parts of the screen for optimal placement.

5. PiP Mode Limitations: It's important to note that not all videos and audio formats are supported in PiP mode. Some videos, particularly those with digital rights management (DRM) protection or in certain codecs, may not work in the PiP window.

6. PiP with Online Streaming: MX Player's Background PiP mode also works with online streaming platforms, such as YouTube, if the app allows it. However, please note that some streaming apps may have their own PiP implementation, and MX Player's PiP mode may not be available or compatible in those cases.

7. PiP in Premium Version: The Background PiP mode is available in the free version of MX Player. However, if you want to enjoy an ad-free experience and access additional premium features, you can consider upgrading to the MX Player Pro version, available for purchase on the Google Play Store.

Remember, the availability and functionality of the Background PiP mode may vary depending on the version of MX Player and the specific device you're using. If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, it's recommended to consult the MX Player support resources or reach out to their customer support team.

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