Fix ROBLOX Verification Not Working Fix Roblox Captcha Not Working

Today I will tell you how to fix  Roblox capture verification not working problem.

Method 1: Delete Roblox's Site Data and Cookies

Our first solution is to delete roblox's site data and cookies the reason we do this is because roblox's  corrupted cache files can cause US problems to delete roblox's site data  and cookies we open Chrome we click the three dots in the top right and  click on settings click on privacy and security click on cookies and other site data we scroll  down click on see all site data and permissions we type Roblox in the search bar and here  we are deleting everything related to Roblox we cleared roblox's site data and cookies now  you can check if the problem is solved or not if the problem is not solved we  will move on to our second solution.

Method 2: Reset our DNS and IP  Address

Our second solution is to reset our DNS and IP  address these CMD codes refresh our internet in a way to do this we go to the search section and  type command then we run CMD as an administrator now we have some codes to type I will put these  codes in the description section of the video you can access the codes there after  typing the first code we press enter now we will type the second  code and then press enter after typing the third and final code we press  enter we are done with command to complete this action we need to restart our computer after doing  this you can check if the problem is solved or not if the problem is not solved we'll  move on to the third solution.

Method 3: Change our DNS Address

Our third solution is to change our DNS address since this error is caused by the internet changing the DNS address will work  type control panel in the search section click on network and internet click on Network  and Sharing Center we click on our internet Network click properties then click on Internet  Protocol version 4. and then click properties again we tick use the following DNS server  addresses here we write 888 and 8844 in order this is the DNS address of Google that we wrote it  is completely safe and works without any problems after doing this we click on OK and close the  windows in this way our DNS address was changed.

Method 4: Pass the Captcha Verification

Our alternative solutions that I would like to mention our first alternative solution is to pass the captcha verification by sound if it's possible.

Method 5: Pass the Captcha Verification From Incognito Tab

Our second alternative solution is to try to pass the captcha verification from incognito tab.

Method 6: Download Roblox From the Microsoft Store

Our third alternative solution is to change where we log in to do this you can change your browser try to log in from Roblox player on your desktop or download Roblox from the Microsoft store.

So one of the steps should help you to get rid of the error so that'll be all thank you so much for your precious time and please appreciate our work through your valuable comment.

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