WhatsApp Verification Code Not Receive and Time Limit Problem Solved 2022

Hi friends, I am Heba in today’s article I will tell you about the WhatsApp verification code It sets a time limit of 5 hours, 1 day, or even 2,3 days. I will tell you how you can bypass it, and get into WhatsApp. It will not be fake Just follow my process.

WhatsApp Verification Code Not Receive and Time Limit Problem Solved 2022

  • It says to resend the SMS in 5 hours It might show 1 or 2 days in yours.
  • It said 2 days in mine too, but now it says 5 hours.
  • I will tell you how to reduce it read the article till the end. Share it with friends.
  • If you cannot get OTP via SMS there is an option for a call.
  • Since the call option has not been disabled, you can get OTP through that.
  • But if the call option has been disabled, I will tell you how to enable it.
  • Follow me step by step.
  • You need to go to settings, then application manager.
  • You have to turn off the location for WhatsApp so it cannot detect your time.
  • You can go to the application manager or apps installed.
  • On my phone, it says app management.
  • Now you need to look for WhatsApp.
  • Go to permissions.
  • Turn off the location.
  • Then go to the setting again.
  • Press additional setting.
  • And then go to the time and date.
  • Now you have to set the time.
  • You will find similar articles on google but they will be fake.
  • I have tried it on my phone that’s why I’m sharing it.
  • You cannot close WhatsApp, just minimize it.
  • You can see that 5 hours are remaining.
  • You have to reduce it gradually.
  • Since we have turned off the location, we can easily do it.
  • Now we will increase the time.
  • Since it's 5, I will increase the time by 1 hour.
  • Now we will go to WhatsApp.
  • You can see that previously it said 5 hours.
  • And now there are 4 hours remaining.
  • Minimize it again, do not close it completely.
  • Come back to the time.
  • Increase another hour and do it when you get the resend SMS option.
  • Do it gradually, do not do it altogether.

This trick works 100% I already know the trick, but I am writing this article to help others. You only get 1 chance to get the OTP cause the time restriction had been set already. You can easily get your WhatsApp verification code through this trick.

I hope you liked the article please tell us in the comment.

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