How To Fix JIO Cinema App OTP Not Received Problem Solved

Hello guys and welcome back to my Website "Techsore". So today I try to install this JIO Cinema application on my android mobile but unfortunately, I didn't get any OTP or verification code, which means that this JIO Cinema app doesn't send the verification message to my mobile. So due to this verification process, I won't able to use JIO Cinema App. So anyway how to fix this problem?

How To Fix JIO Cinema App OTP Not Received Problem Solved

  • So very simple method is just to uninstall that JIO Cinema app from your mobile.
  • So after you remove this application just open your google play store and then search JIO Cinema app and click to install this application.
  • So after the installation process is completed now I try to open this JIO Cinema application.
  • And it shows one welcome page.
  • And they ask for your contact access permission so you can give the permission so by simply press "Continue" And then click to "Allow".
  • Now this time you can choose your country and also put your mobile number but you can check it if your mobile number is correct or not.
  • And then press the "Next" option so you can click on "Ok".
  • And one more time you can wait for a verification code finally, I received my verification message And it automatically goes to the next stage.

So anyway at the same time if this trick does not work just switch your mobile number to another number because some time if your area is not covered by the proper mobile network this verification message is not coming to you.

So anyway if this trick works just leave a comment and if this doesn't work then I give another trick for this issue. and thanks for reading this article also thank you so much for visiting our Website.

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