Google Account - This Account Already Exists on Your Device Problem Solved


In this blog I am going to tell you How To Fix your Google Account - "This Account Already Exists on Your Device" Problem Solved. If you want to know the solution then please read the blog carefully.

Google Account - This Account Already Exists on Your Device Problem Solved

At the point when I was setting up my substitution Google Pixel 3 XL I continued getting this mistake while setting up the Google Home application and Google Pay application. I'm certain other Google applications were impacted yet this is where I began to investigate and explore.

I stopped for a moment to talk with Google Pixel backing and they maintained that I should eliminate my Google record and yet again add it. I would have rather not done this since I had quite recently went through the difficulty of replicating/reestablishing my information on this telephone. I suppose that was the issue in any matter. It was a shiny new Pixel 3 XL to supplant one that had a dead pixel.

I saw a couple of reports of clients debilitating Google Play Administrations yet Google has since eliminated the capacity to cripple the help. I suspect debilitating the help made it "revive" or "reset". So as far as I might be concerned, the fix was to get out the Capacity free from Google Play Administrations. When that's what I did, and rebooted, everything began to flawlessly work. That is the fix for This record as of now exists on your gadget on Android Pie 9.0 Pixel 3 XL.

Alter: For Android 11, it's changed a little. Go to your device/phone settings, then click on Applications and Notices, then click on See all applications. Search for Google Play Administrations. Click it, then click on Capacity and Store. Click Clear Capacity and Clear Reserve.

After following the steps laid out in this article, you should see the error resolve itself automatically.

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