Fix Instagram App White Screen or Instagram Blank Screen Problem Solved

    Hello everyone, today I will tell you how to fix the Instagram White screen problem. Before moving on to the article. You can support me by delivering this article to people looking for this article like you, Let's start.

    • For our first solution, we first enter the settings. and we find a display.  
    • Click on dark mode. If dark mode is on, we turn it off. The dark mode feature can also be found in the theme instead of the display. If you can't find it on display just search on settings.
    • After turning off dark mode, we go to Instagram.  
    • Click on the profile at the bottom right Click on the three lines in the upper right and click on settings.
    • Then we click on the theme.  We have to try the options here one by one.
    • First, we try system default. After choosing the system default, we go back to the feed page and check.  
    • If the system default didn't work, we also tried light and dark.  
    • If any of them work we will continue to use them until the bug is fixed. 
    • For our second solution, we enter the settings again. We find apps. Click on manage apps.  
    • We find Instagram among our apps.  
    • There we click on clear data, then click on clear all data, and click ok.  
    • Now we go back to the main screen and open our browser. Click on the three dots at the top right and click on the new incognito tab.
    • We write in the search section and go to the Instagram site.  
    • Click on the log-in. We are logging into our account.  yes, as you can see, it works fine in the browser.
    • Now we go back to the home screen and open the Instagram app.
    • We log in to our Instagram account again, but this time we log in through the Instagram application.
    • After doing this, the error should be fixed. If the first and second solutions didn't work, we'll move on to the third solution.
    • Our third solution is a more general solution.
    • Uninstall and reinstall the Instagram app from the phone.
    • But before removing Instagram we also need to delete Instagram data.  
    • For this, we enter the settings. We find apps. 
    • Click on manage apps, and find Instagram among the applications.
    • We click on clear data, then click on clear all data, and click ok.  
    • Click on uninstall and then click ok Instagram and Instagram data were deleted.
    • Now, all we have to do is reinstall Instagram. You already know how to do this.  
    • After installing Instagram, we open the application and log in to our account this was our third and final solution.
    We have come to the end of the article. I hope these solutions fixed your problem. If the video helped you, don't forget to like the video. Take care and see you in the next article.

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