Fix Error Message Can't Hold Calls Problem Solved

The call hold feature first started with the release of OS version BB10.0. However, the earlier version of the OS has no such feature. Sometimes, you may face an error message. Don't panic if you are getting this error message. Follow these methods to fix the error message:

How To Fix Error Message Can't Hold Calls Problem Solved

To fix the problem of your phone's "Error Message Can't Hold Calls", follow these steps:

1. Go to your phone's Settings.

2. Then search for the Date and Time.

3. Then enable Auto.

4. If it is already enabled then disable it first, and then enable it again.

5. Then go to Play Store Application.

6. Search for a Phone Application.

7. If there is any update, update it first.

8. If your problem is still not solved then follow the next step.

9. Go to your phone's Settings again.

10. Then go to App Manager.

11. Then go to the Phone Application.

12. Then click on Force Stop.

13. Then go to Storage.

14. Then tap on clear cache and clear data also.

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